'Empowering a girlchild to empower the whole nation’


Dada Cash aims at enhancing economic opportunities for women and girls through development of knowledge and skills and coming up with different activities that can generate income for the sustainability of the organization’s programs. The department is divided into three main components the skill-development which aims at increasing entrepreneurial skills teaching the girls the value of a shilling and importance of budgeting. Self-development is the second component and it aims at giving girls practical skills of bag making, mask making and designing. Sustainability is the last component and it aims at improving the organization sustainability through diversification of business models.

Let's sew girls

We are currently running an entrepreneurship tour at our office premises for girls to equip them with Knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship and the value of a shilling.
The tour entails them having to see and experience the different projects we have under the Dada Cash program.

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