by boxgirls

Girl Power Punch Project

This is a project that aims at creating secure spaces for girls where they can protect themselves from physical or mental attacks and struggle by using the self defense skills and also applying mental health recovery techniques to deal with any mental health issues they might be going through and coming up with educative tools that will help others learn on self defense skills.

We had 2 E-tools:

1. Chocking:

This happens when someone is at your back and unknowingly he tries to chock you by using his/her two hands. In this case, I will share some of the self defense skills that  you just follow to get yourself out of the situation.

  1. Start by protecting your airway by using your two hands.
  2. Lower your weight going downwards as you try to create space where you will move.(backwards)
  3. Hit his/her groins as you continue to move backwards,
  4. The space will be already created, move while punching that person and also shout if necessary.

2. Self Affirmation

This always happens when you always find yourself affirming to others and you often forget about yourself.  Here are some key steps of mental health recovery techniques that will help you out

  1. Be positive about yourself
  2. Have a sincere self talk and tell yourself some positive words like … I am enough, I am capable, I can do it, I am beautiful… etc.


When alone at a bus station minding your business then someone from nowhere comes and grabs your hand, what will you do?

  1. You will put on your stance and drop your weight.
  2. With the hand that you are grabbed on, twist it in the opposite direction to get out of that situation.
  3. Run away or move from that place.