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Boxgirls was set up to build on the work started by a boxing coach, Analo Anjere (popularly known as Priest), who had been coaching young men and women in the Eastland’s area of Nairobi for many years. Priest was coaching boys and two girls came to the window of the Kariobangi social hall and said they wanted to box like the boys. Priest overheard them and got them to come along to train with the boys. During the post election violence in 2008 girls and women were raped in the violence and chaos and many people were left traumatized in Boxgirls’ community. It was on the back of this despair that Boxgirls grew further, providing a safe place for girls, to learn about life and talk about their issues. Boxing is only a part of the Boxgirls programme.

However, it is an important and innovative tool, among others, to reach objectives of female empowerment and social change. Boxing is not necessarily the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about women’s empowerment. But boxing stresses speed and accuracy, rhythm and good footwork. Since it is a sport that makes you fit and fast it can create positive change for girls growing up in urban and rural areas of Kenya, and other African countries.

To create a world where women and girls lead dignified lives in secure communities, where they are valued as equal members and have control over their bodies.

A society in which every girl holds the power to create opportunities for herself and others