Girls Leading

For the last one decade, Box Girls Kenya has tirelessly dedicated its efforts to teaching young women boxing as a platform of empowering young women and girls in the marginalized societies of Kenya. With this kind of empowerment, we have equipped our girls with skills that act as a constant reminder that they are the best they could be every single day.
Early this year, we embarked on a journey like no other. We held our very first annual Girls’ Summit at Baraka primary school Buruburu. Our theme was ‘GIRLS LEADING THE CHANGE; PROMOTING SAFE SCHOOLS FOR GIRLS’.
In attendance on the 28th of January 2017 were 400 young girls from the different schools and zones we involve our organization with. These young girls showed up on time as requested, happy and eager to participate in this campaign of promoting safe schools for girls. In attendance also is our founder Alfred Analo, commonly known as Priest and our stakeholders at large.
Part of our duty as Box Girls Kenya is to ensure that whatever we involve our girls in, we keep them motivated enough to ensure that whatever they do, they do it to the best of their abilities. We therefore delighted the girls to some good food throughout the day just to ensure that they keep high energy levels throughout the events program.

Our very talented girls took the lead in kicking off the event with some breathtaking presentations. We had girls from different schools entertain us with their dancing skills, poetry, singing, modelling and of course some BOXING! BOXING! BOXING!
We held an educative workshop thereafter with our girls actively involved in asking questions on communication, sexual health, human rights, power and poverty. These are topics that are not commonly taught in the school syllabus or at home. It was therefore an opportunity to let the girls talk and ask the questions freely.
Last but not least, every girl in attendance was given a Box Girls hamper just to appreciate them and make them feel loved by our Organization. In addition, leaders from our participating schools were handed with certificates to appreciate the good leadership work they did in 2016. Moreover, scholarships were handed to the most active, consistent and hardworking girls just to appreciate the seriousness they have put in being our participants. To top it all off, our school Patrons were awarded different prizes just to appreciate the voluntary work they have done in ensuring the girls are motivated and keep tabs with Box Girls activities.

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